Reshaping Our Identity

Successfully reshaping our identity is at the very heart of Navigating Retirement. According to Hermina Ibarra our identity is made up of 'many possibilities and defined by the things we do, the company we keep, and the stories we tell about our work and lives'.


Three Views on Australian Retirement & a Fourth Joins the Fold

Three Views on Australian Retirement & a Fourth Joins the Fold Most of the extensive literature concerning the complexities of retirement in the twenty-first century, or ways to plan for, or cope with it, is written by Americans for Americans.


Volunteering – Its Benefits & Pitfalls

"We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give", Winston Churchill. According to Barbara B. Haggerty (2016), “Volunteering prolongs your life. It makes you happier and spares you depression. And heart attacks. Helps you to stay sober, and boosts your immune system. It cures burnout.



"If we want change, we have to initiate it ourselves—Not wait, Not ask permission, Just do it" - Steve Sammartino. Feeling I was not getting the support, recognition and prospect of promotion that I believed I deserved, after 25-years of total commitment, from the school’s newly appointed Principal, I resigned. Though, at the time I felt courageous and decisive, I had given absolutely no thought...


Navigating Retirement in an Age of Uncertainty

We are indeed witnessing seismic shifts—especially in the field of technology— that are reshaping society before our eyes. Privately however, I and I am assuming quite a few of us from the baby boomer generation, hanker for those golden days when society tailored our life-paths and guided us down well-established paths of adult life.


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