Interactive Group Workshops

Our interactive group workshops encompass the following:

1. Transiti​on
2. New Stage Thinking
3. Reshaping I​dentity
4. Health and W​ell Being
5. Relation​ships
6. New Be​ginnings

These will be tailored to specific needs and desired goals.

Workshops are interactive and offered face-to-face.

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The Journey Begins

Are you retired, or about to be,
and feeling disorientated?
Our Roadmap Workshops will help
you navigate retirement.

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Strengthen Employee Morale

The benefits of a Corporate Retirement
programme can be felt throughout the
entire organisation.

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An Interactive + Engaging Experience

 "Navigating Retirement was born out of a desire to allow people to share experiences and find support and direction as they journeyed through retirement." 
Sophie Gelski
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Having attended your four presentations at the University of the Third Age I'd like to say how much I valued them and how helpful they are. I really did appreciate the enormous personal effort and time you put into doing the research ............... and in presenting them with warmth and directness.

Warwick Mayne-Wilson

All of your course was very enjoyable and useful. It covered a lot of areas many people do not think about before they retire.

Kerry Glynn

You did a great job of "telling it as it is." Lots of food for thought. A very realistic and practical course.

Helen Stein

I found all parts of the course interesting and worthwhile .......... providing useful ways to improve aspects of our lives.

Joyce Rabinowitz